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Bluebird Monitoring (May 13, 2019)

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

The weather is starting to warm up in Vernon! The Bluebird Society is starting their walks earlier to avoid the midday heat. The end of spring brings the arrival of wildflowers and more bird songs in the air.

The bluebirds continue to show great success. All seven in box 1 hatched, all five eggs in box 2 hatched, all eight eggs in box 4 hatched, all 5 eggs in box 12 hatched, and all five eggs in box 14 hatched. Additionally, the Bluebird society reported that four of the six eggs in box 6 hatched with at least one egg still visible. All this from the first brood!

In box 10, the five White Breasted Nuthatches have hatched and the Bluebird Society got to watch both parents busy feeding the wee little ones.

"Wren Lane" located along the western side of Adventure Bay is also doing well. Box 11 currently has one large wren egg!

Beautiful penstemons are now in full bloom along the western rocky side of the property.

The Bluebird Society also spotted two red tail hawks were spotted gliding along the thermals, they were so graceful to watch!

Happy hiking!

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