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Bluebird Monitoring at Adventure Bay

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In recent years, bird watching has become a very popular activity at Adventure Bay. While residents often view ospreys, eagles, and red tailed hawks, avid bird watchers started to notice a decline in bluebirds. In an effort to restore and sustain the bluebird population, residents came together to establish a bluebird survival program through the North Okanagan Naturalists Club.

Adventure Bay residents built and installed birdhouses along the extensive 10 mile Adventure Bay trail system. Within a single season, everyone noticed a significant return of bluebirds to the neighborhood. Today, residents and their guests enjoy watching the playful bluebirds catching flies for their new hatchlings. Walkers can nourish themselves with sweet wild Saskatoon berries lining the pathways.

Check back here to follow the bluebirds throughout the summer season!

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