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Top Vernon Realtors regard Adventure Bay as the best investment in the Central Okanagan. 

At Adventure Bay we understand that buyers are seeking quality properties with enduring appeal and long-term appreciation. You can invest with confidence at Adventure Bay because we understand the principles that make a community successful. We strive to maintain the highest design standards and architectural guidelines in the Okanagan Valley. Our homes embody harmony with variety for truly appealing streetscapes.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. 

- Wayne Gretzky

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Every property has unobstructed views of pristine Lake Okanagan. Home owners have access to countless amenities including private waterfront access, tennis courts, miles of hiking trails through private forested land, and membership privileges at the Seasons Fitness Club, located at our sister project a few minutes away.


Owners enjoy very low maintenance and operating costs because Adventure Bay is not a strata development. Instead, the City of Vernon pays for road and utility maintenance, extensive sidewalks, street lights, snow removal, spring cleanup, water supply, sewer disposal, and stormwater discharge, fire protection, RCMP security, etc. Owners only pay a small annual Recreation Facilities Use fee for the maintenance of common trails and parklands, the dock, and the tennis and pickleball courts. 

Lot purchase financing is available from the developer. Please request details.

Owners have ten years to design and build a home from the date of purchase.

Please Contact Us for Additional Information

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