At Adventure Bay, we work with you to select a Lot, and then to design an appropriate contemporary home that complements the natural landscape of the Okanagan Valley.

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Our Design Guidelines promote a design aesthetic and a sense of community throughout Adventure Bay. Juxtaposing compatible colors and landscape design features produces a harmonious yet varied streetscape. Architectural features such as roof pitch and window proportions, granite ledgestone stone facing elements, and generous side yard setbacks contribute to an aesthetic balance and lake views for residents walking along sidewalks and roads maintained by the City of Vernon. Daily strolls are very popular for residents, who often join neighbors for a congenial outing.


Roads align with the natural contours of the hillside to assure views from each lot. Because Adventure Bay is built on a south slope overlooking Lake Okanagan, every lot has a lake view, and access by a common pathway to the swimming dock and beach.


The Recreation Facilities Use Association maintains permanent open spaces with flowering meadows, grasslands, forests and rock promontories. These extensive areas provide natural buffer zones to enjoy rare moments of solitude. Miles of trails for strolling, bird watching, dog walking, chatting with neighbors and tranquility.

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Adventure Bay homes face south for solar gain and reduced energy costs. Xeriscape yards are planted with deer resistant trees, grasses and flowers requiring low water usage with reduced low-cost annual maintenance.

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