Okanagan Waterfront and Lakeview Homes with Enduring Value

Compare the quality of our Homesites, the extraordinary lifestyle at your doorstep, the sparkling waterfront, the lake views, proximity to Vernon town centre and competitive prices at Adventure Bay. Then invest with confidence.

Adventure Bay Real Estate Investments

Adventure Bay was designed and developed with sustainable land use and home design concepts. Permanent open space – flowering meadows, grasslands and forests – are buffers that provide amenities, including miles of pathways and dedicated shoreline for owners to enjoy waterfront activities.

Homes face south for solar gain and reduced energy costs. Xeriscape yards are planted with deer resistant trees, grasses and flowers requiring low water usage. Roads align with the natural contours of the hillside to assure views from each homesite. These design standards are recognized by buyers who appreciate the lifestyle amenities at Adventure Bay, and sustained investment value.

Responsible investment in lots & homes has replaced emotional & inappropriate purchases. People are once again buying real estate in a calculated manner, researching and comparing value opportunities & lifestyle choices. They are returning to the sound principles that guided successful buyers & investors years ago.

Buyers are seeking quality properties with these clear and lasting values. The design and development standards at Adventure Bay are second to none in the Okanagan Valley, and the lake views, private waterfront park, architectural guidelines, fitness club / spa, and convenient location will sustain and increase resale prices at Adventure Bay. Top Vernon Realtors regard Adventure Bay as the best residential community on the lake in the Central Okanagan.

Lot purchase financing is available from the developer, and you have ten years to design and build your home from the date of Lot purchase. Act soon for the best selection of Homesites.

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