Architectural Principles – Adventure Bay

Homeowners typically desire to express something of their own identities when designing new homes.

Each home should be different, but within that variety should be a fundamental orderliness, established by unifying design elements throughout the community.

Streetscapes are generally more pleasing when there is a certain amount of consistency in significant home design elements, such as roof pitch, window proportions, columns, colors, landscape, etc.

The common application of selected design elements makes streetscapes and the overall community more visually attractive and cohesive, provided that the common design elements are not so dominant that the result is a cookie-cutter appearance. The overall streetscape will then be the consequence of an interesting variety of home designs with several common design elements.

Our Architectural Guidelines encourage consistency in selected housing elements, while promoting harmonious diversity in individual home designs. All homes should embrace the hillside terrain, conveying a sense of community and place.

Warm, dry conditions typical of Okanagan Valley summers should be a principle driver in home design. Home design and orientation should capitalize on dominant spectacular views of boating activity on Lake Okanagan, the City of Vernon, and surrounding forested hills, meadows, golf courses, and distant snow-capped mountain peaks. Textures and colors evoking these landscape features should be incorporated into home exteriors.

We will work with you to select a home site and to design a contemporary house plan evoking the region surrounding Adventure Bay.

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